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"Cancer Vortex" - Background

Americans deserve much better than this exploitive healthcare system that rewards the producers of patentable drugs and condemns natural therapies to exile, especially the ones which have fully cured tens of thousands of cancer patients.

People need to be better informed about medical choices because it not only concerns their health but their very survival. They need to join the growing wave of health conscious citizens by avoiding toxins in the environment, choosing healthy foods over processed/GMO foods and becoming more physically active especially with aerobic exercise to enhance oxygen intake.

Considering the failure of the War on Cancer, the skyrocketing costs of treatment and the limited objective of a 5 year survival rate, one has to question the Medical Cartel's actual plan.

Clearly, Dr Otto Warburg, Biochemist had a deeper understanding of the cause of Cancer in the 1930'S, and how to prevent and cure cancer at moderate expense without Big Pharma intervention.

Whatever your preconceptions, Warburg's brilliant discovery that cancer is an internal disease of the body's cells when they are deprived of oxygen due to an unhealthy diet and secondarily to toxins in the environment.

Big Pharma's approach is to attack cancer after the symptoms are obvious either by cutting out infectious tumors, poisoning‚Äč them with chemo,  or burning them with radiation.  Unfortunately all these  negatively affect healthy cells as well.

Otto Warburg on the other hand took a positive approach by preventing cancer before it gets started with his dietary plan including the critical Respiratory Enzymes. If cancer has already started he advises taking supplements to raise the body's pH level to kill cancer cells and adopting a strict diet.  

It's recommended you focus on the 'Otto Warburg'  chapter to better appreciate this brilliant man and his lifetime achievements.

We also recommend you carefully read the chapter on 'Natural Cancer Cures' where you can learn and appreciate the variety of natural cures resourceful doctors have come up with.


                                                                       Natural Cancer Cures

Dr Royal Rife and his High Frequency Oscillator.

Nurse Rene Caisse and her Essiac Herbal Tea.

Harry Hoxsey and his herbal formula proven on animals and later on humans to cure cancer.

Dr Linus Pauling, Biochemist Nobel prize winner, using high dose Vitamin C to keep his own cancer in check.

Budwig Protocol: flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, simple but effective

Cesium Chloride - High pH Therapy

Gerson Therapy - special alkaline diet, organic fruits and veggies plus key supplements, following Dr Otto Warburg protocols

Vitamin B 17 Amygdalin, developed by Dr Ernst Krebs Jr, Biochemist.
Prohibited by FDA because not patentable.

Burzynski Antineoplaston Therapy, one of the most successful natural cancer treatments even for brain cancer. Burzynski survived multiple harassment law suits by the FDA and NCI. But His many cured patients attended the trials and supported him in fighting the lawsuits.

With the focus on Dr Otto Warburg, the many successful natural healers, and hopefully our readers, the movement will now be in a  positive direction to cure cancer worldwide.


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