Vaccines Cause Cancer, Autism and Other Deadly Diseases. Be Wary of an Ebola Vaccine

"I have no hesitation in stating that in my judgment the most frequent disposing condition for cancerous development is infused into the blood by vaccination and re-vaccination."
Dennis Turnbull, MD, cancer researcher.

"Vaccines have to be considered the bargain basement technology for the 20th Century."
Dr Maurice Hilleman, Leading Vaccine Developer

"The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used."
James R. Shannon of the National Institutes of Health

The US healthcare industry is run by a Medical Cartel encompassing Federal regulators and giant Pharmaceutical companies posting sales in excess of half a trillion dollars. Vaccines comprise a major portion of this cash flow as does Cancer Therapy. Both are vital to the gross profitability and expansion of the Cartel regardless of how many people are actually cured.

Recent warnings about the resurgence of Ebola in West Africa suggest it may become a worldwide pandemic, possibly leading to mandatory vaccinations. Already, new vaccines are being rushed into production to deal with this new strain. Although Ebola has been studied since its origin in the Congo in 1976, it appears this new strain is more virulent and deadly. Already, quarantines are planned in the US despite only one death reported so far. And the media is amping up the fear factor with accounts of massive orders for Bio-hazard suits and body bags.

Healthy skepticism is required here: Why did the CDC patent this virus? Could Ebola be a Bioweapon engineered by the NIH and CDC (see video on Weaponized Ebola)? If an Ebola epidemic strikes the US, what are the personal risks in taking an Ebola vaccine? Will FEMA camps be used to quarantine large numbers of Ebola victims? Will an Ebola epidemic be a pretext for martial law?

History shows a number of diseases treated with vaccines:

Cowpox vaccine was developed and used in England in the 19th century against the scourge of Smallpox. But as the use of the vaccine spread, smallpox epidemics worsened with over 44,000 dying in 1872. Eventually, after many years of compulsory vaccination, the vaccine was banned in England in 1948.

After Japan initiated compulsory smallpox vaccination in 1892, there were over 165,000 cases of smallpox resulting in almost 30,000 deaths.

The Spanish Flu epidemic, ravaging the US and Europe towards the end of World War I was attributed to compulsory vaccination of US servicemen. As the flu spread, an estimated 20 million people died. Whereas, most of those who survived, had refused to take the vaccine.

The Polio Virus has been around for centuries. Yet the virus seldom caused paralysis until the late 1800's. In fact, 95 percent of polio cases occur without symptoms, just a mild fever. But in less than one percent of the victims, the virus penetrates the blood-brain barrier to cause paralysis and death. As the fear of a polio epidemic in the US spread in the 1950's, polio vaccines were rushed to market and vaccination became compulsory.

Dr Maurice Hilleman, one of the most renowned vaccine developers in the world with over three dozen vaccines to his credit headed Merck's vaccine program. On examining the injectable Salk polio vaccine and the oral Sabine vaccine, he isolated the SV40 Simian Live Virus from both and discovered that most polio vaccines given to the public were contaminated with cancer causing viruses.

As expected, the government kept these revelations secret, warning neither doctors nor the public while the vaccines continued to be administered for decades. SV40 was so virulent that it became a popular tool for cancer researchers to rapidly transform healthy animal cells into tumor cells. In fact, from 1955 to 1963 up to 98 million children and adults in the United States were exposed to SV40 Simian Live virus, a known carcinogen, due to contaminated polio vaccines.

In the March 1977 issue of Science, Jonas and Darrell Salk made the startling revelation that, "Live virus vaccines against influenza or poliomyelitis may in each instance produce the disease it is intended to prevent…." This should make every thinking person pause and consider whether vaccines do more harm than good.

On January 26, 1988, the Washington Post featured a story about polio from a national conference that concluded that all new cases of polio have come from the vaccine itself. None of the original 'wild type' polio virus has caused a single case of polio in the United States since 1979. The program should have been discontinued long before but it wasn't, due to collusion between Big Pharma and government regulators, known as the Medical Cartel as exposed in the book 'Cancer Vortex'.

Another stark example of promoting a new vaccine, occurred during the hypothetical Swine Flu epidemic during Gerald Ford's presidency. Even though there was not a single case of this type of flu in the country, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) sponsored a national vaccination campaign to prevent the spread of this new potentially dangerous variation of the flu.

Soon after the campaign was underway, many people started feeling the toxic effects of the vaccine. As claims of paralysis multiplied, the total damages against the drug companies amounted to $1.3 billion. To divert attention from the real cause, the drug producers renamed the new epidemic 'Guillain Barre Syndrome'.

Bird Flu predominately found in Asia is a viral infection from birds which has so far infrequently infected humans. The human strains are designated H5N1 and H7N9 and the greatest risk factor is close contact with sick birds and chickens. The symptoms are typical of the flu, except that as many as 60% of humans infected may die from serious complications.

Children especially at risk: Vaccines harm millions of children every year in terms of autism, mental retardation, learning disabilities, suppressed immune function and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Especially affected are babies under 12 months, which haven't had a chance to fully develop an immune system and yet are exposed to a sequence of vaccinations their bodies are not prepared for.

The Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) states that vaccinations may contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, SV40 virus, bovine serums, latex, neomycin and other known carcinogens and allergens. Many of these toxins are injected into the bloodstream of babies as young as one day old. In fact, no long term testing for efficacy or safety for any vaccination has ever been done. Essentially, Big Pharma is using our babies as their own guinea pigs.

New Jersey mandates that by 6 months of age a child will receive 45 shots, by 19 months 64 shots and by 6 years a total of 74 shots. Anyone who thinks that the accumulation of toxic elements within these vaccines will not do serious damage to the nascent immune systems of these babies and young children is criminally negligent.

It is now recognized that vaccines cause autism and other forms of neurological damage in 1 out of 150 children and occasionally death. Claims are settled thru an Injury Compensation Program and not in Federal courts to prevent shocking the nation.

Other unnecessary vaccines such as HPV Gardasil and Hepatitus B are now proposed to be given to children on a routine basis, yet no government studies have been done to prove they are safe or even necessary.

Various toxic elements within vaccines such as the SV40 virus, formaldehyde (formalin), mercury (thimerosal) and aluminum can become time bombs remaining dormant in the body for years until they suddenly activate, causing life threatening diseases.

In the US, vaccines are promoted as the solution for all infectious diseases by such Federal agencies as the CDC, the US Public Health Service and the FDA. Under the strong influence of the Medical Cartel, they act together to promote compulsory vaccination. Americans need to be aware of the 'revolving door' among federal agents rotating from government regulatory positions to Big Pharma management and vice versa. Hopefully, as public awareness grows, citizens will demand an end to this collusion on compulsory vaccination as they realize health is an individual responsibility, not a government mandate.

The fact that vaccines have been proven to do more harm than good, explains why Big Pharma and their regulatory lackeys continue to promote them. After all, the Medical Cartel is determined to maintain its level of grotesque profitability for the foreseeable future as the level of degenerative disease in America grows. And they will continue with orthodox cancer therapy (slash, burn, poison) to ensure greater profitability for another century; that is, until people realize they have better options for non-toxic natural cures.

Putting all this into perspective, it becomes evident that one of the primary causes for the rapid rise in cancer affecting our generation is due to excessive and unnecessary vaccinations given in our youth. And now with the dramatic increase in risky vaccines given to babies and young children, future generations will likely endure even greater suffering from cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Americans need to get informed, get angry and be active. Start a crusade against this insanity before it is too late or your children and future generations will be doomed.

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Medical Industry Profits Pre-empt Healthcare

The US healthcare industry is run by a Medical Cartel which explains why it is the most expensive in the world, yet provides less services than other advanced economies.

A strict protocol was established for cancer treatment involving just three procedures: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Where innovators outside the tightly controlled Medical Cartel tried to introduce alternative treatments such as herbal formulas, special supplements, foods or complete nutritional programs, the AMA and FDA labeled these procedures quackery, harassing the owners, raiding their clinics and in some cases prosecuting them in the courts; whatever was necessary to shut them down.

Why such an aggressive attitude towards natural, non-invasive therapies? Basically, the cartel cannot tolerate competition from low cost, non-patentable therapies even those with scientific proof of actually curing cancer. The cozy relationship between the Food and Drug Administration (the primary government regulator) and Big Pharma is well known, as is the revolving door between the top echelons of each.

From a historical perspective, John D Rockefeller initiated the takeover of the entire US medical system in the early 1900's. By investing in the medical schools and the certification process, he converted the system to allopathic medicine while undermining homeopathic medicine and its practitioners. One of the richest men of his time, backed by the assets of Standard Oil, he envisioned a future of vast profits from an emerging pharmaceutical industry, which evolved naturally from the petrochemical industry.

With the rejuvenation of the American Medical Association under Doc Simmons and later Morris Fishbein, tight control was established over the medical schools, doctor certification, healthcare services, and certain government agencies such as the FDA and National Cancer Institute. All of these agencies cooperated to promote prescription medicine and ensure the major drug companies prospered while homeopathy and its followers were suppressed.

"Cancer Vortex" highlights some of the many successful alternative therapies which have proven effective at curing tens of thousands of terminal patients.

Natural Cancer Cures - Partial Summary

Dr Royal Rife, microbiologist, developed an RF oscillator to kill microbes in cancer cells and successfully cured terminal patients

Essiac Tea - Nurse Rene Caisse cured thousands of patients in the 1930's with a proprietary herbal formula handed down from native Indians

Hoxsey Regimen - Harry Hoxsey established 17 clinics to cure cancer with a proprietary plant-based anti-cancer formula handed down from his grandfather

Dr Linus Pauling, Biochemist and Nobel prize winner tested high-dose Vitamin C on himself and hundreds of terminally ill cancer patients with demonstrable success.

DMSO and Vitamin C - As a follow-up to Dr Pauling's work, DMSO helps transmit Vitamin C directly into cancer cells as well as penetrating the blood-brain barrier. Certain supplements enhance the outcome.

Budwig Protocol - Dr Johanna Budwig, biochemist based her treatment on the essential properties of flaxseed oil combined with cottage cheese and a strict vegetarian protocol. She estimated her cure rate at 90% for terminal patients.

Cesium Chloride - Dr A K Brewer tested high pH Therapy using Cesium and Rubidium with vitamins A and C to raise the pH of the body's cells to 8 thus destroying cancer cells and shrinking tumors. His results were confirmed at separate clinics in Germany and the US.

Gerson Therapy - Dr Max Gerson, biochemist, researched how to cure various chronic illnesses. His therapy consists of an organic, high alkaline diet rich in oxygen, enzymes and antioxidants. Fruit & vegetable blends are provided every hour to increase nutrition levels and a strict detox program helps eliminate toxins. This rigid protocol requires a lifestyle change but the cure rate is one of the highest of the alternative therapies. Gerson was persecuted by the FDA and his daughter moved the clinic to Mexico when he died.

Vitamin B17 Amygdalin - Dr Ernest Krebs Jr, biochemist, researched the special properties of amygdalin (B17) as a cancer fighting agent and developed a concentrated form Laetrile given to cancer patients by IV. B17 is a natural substance commonly found in plants and fruits especially apricot kernels. As the therapy gained adherents, the FDA attacked, first by stating it was useless then concluding it was toxic. Because of the harassment, the clinic was forced to move to Mexico where it has treated over 100,000 patients.

Burzynski Antineoplaston Therapy - Biochemist Dr Burzynski, developed a proprietary formula of amino acids to cure cancer, especially brain cancer. During his 40 years treating patients at his Houston clinic, he was continually harassed by the FDA and prosecuted in 1995. He was cleared after two trials thanks to the dedicated support of his patients and now is doing clinical trials to get FDA approval. See 'Dr. Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business' to fully appreciate the Burzynski story

The above capsule summaries of a few naturopathic therapies developed by independent visionaries, not bound by the bureaucracy, have succeeded in curing a dramatically higher percentage of patients than traditional therapy and with no serious side effects.

A more thorough description of these therapies with case studies is provided in the book. There are many such alternative therapies today and more expected in the future. We encourage you to conduct your own research before you commit to orthodox therapy and succumb to the 'cancer vortex'. Be proactive and be prepared to make an intelligent choice should the time come for you or your loved ones.

A chapter is dedicated to one of the geniuses of the 20th century, biochemist Dr Otto Warburg, who discovered the generic cause of cancer for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931. He found that normal cells become cancerous when deprived of oxygen (anaerobic). This can occur when the cell's pH decreases to the acidic range and the body suffers from acidosis. One of the known causes of acidosis is a diet rich in meats, fats, dairy, processed foods and especially sugar. Also such toxic foods as High Fructose Corn Syrup, aspartame, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and fluoride in tap water are known carcinogens. Other toxins and pollutants in the environment are contributory causes of cancer as well.

Dr Warburg discovered that we all have cancer cells, but normally our immune system keeps them in check. When they proliferate due to a poor diet, environmental toxins or a weakened immune system, cancer can develop. Many of the natural therapies work with the body at the molecular level to achieve a cure. Whereas orthodox medicine attacks the symptoms - that is, the tumors by excising, radiating or poisoning them. In this way, healthy cells are also poisoned and metastases often occurs because this therapy fails to deal with the underlying cause.

Aside from the high cost of healthcare, Americans must become better informed about medical choices because it not only concerns their health but their very survival. It is an opportune time to join the growing wave of health conscious citizens, avoiding toxins in the environment, choosing organic foods over processed/GMO foods and becoming more physically active.

Obamacare with all of its contradictions, exemptions, taxes and future unknowns already has led to higher costs across the board. In fact, it was written by an Insurance insider for the benefit of the Health Insurance industry. Further revelations about Obamacare are included in the book.

Copyright © Kenneth V Anton, 2014