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Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) April 22, 2014

"Cancer Vortex" Exposes Cancer Industry and Obamacare

This new book exposes fraud in the cancer industry while emphasizing the advantages of several natural cancer cures developed by some of the top biochemists of the last century. Obamacare, designed by the Medical Cartel, represents a giant step backwards whereas a new system designed from the ground up is needed to create truly affordable healthcare for all without intrusion and policing by the government.

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The Rockefeller initiated Medical Cartel which revamped US medicine in the early 1900's has grown into an enormous bureaucracy whose private and government entities coordinate to ensure Big Pharma's ludicrous profits at the expense of US citizens.

As for the 'War on Cancer', even with hundreds of billions contributed to the cause over the past 4 decades, the survival rate shows little improvement. Neither a cure nor prevention is the priority because the real money is made from treating cancer.

Despite the efforts of the Cartel to suppress natural cancer cures, many have succeeded in fully curing hundreds of thousands of patients. Juxtaposing these alternative cures against the failures of traditional therapy is the focus of the book.

Interleaved with investigative accounts of the Medical Cartel, are dramatic stories about three couples who struggle against cancer while trying orthodox, natural or a combination of therapies.

Tribute is paid to visionaries who made major contributions towards our understanding of cancer, especially Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner and discoverer of the generic cause of cancer almost a century ago. Other great innovators in cancer research include Dean Burk, Linus Pauling, Max Gerson, Stanislaw Burzynski and Ernst Krebs Jr, each of whom relied on science to achieve their extraordinary breakthroughs.

Concurrently, the Medical Cartel favors dogma over science to enforce their materialistic agenda, resulting in our current overpriced healthcare system. Tragically, the imposition of Obamacare appears to be an even worse omen for the future.

Natural Cancer Cures - Partial Summary

Dr Royal Rife
Essiac Tea
Hoxsey Regimen
Dr Linus Pauling -- Vitamin C
DMSO and Vitamin C
Budwig Protocol
Cesium Chloride -- High pH Therapy
Gerson Therapy
Vitamin B17 Amygdalin
Burzynski Antineoplaston Therapy

Although by no means complete, the above list of naturopathic therapies developed by independent visionaries, not bound by the bureaucracy of orthodox medicine, have succeeded in curing a dramatically higher percentage of patients with no serious side effects.

Yet their inventors have all been subject to harassment and persecution by the Medical Cartel's main enforcers, the American Medical Association and the Food and Drug Administration, resulting in their defeat or movement to other countries.

The following topics are given a special focus:

Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
The American Cancer Society
The American Medical Association
The Food and Drug Administration
Fluoridation and Cancer
Vaccination and Cancer
Medical Industry Fraud
Obamacare Fiasco

Cancer Vortex
Those subjected to orthodox therapy without being given a choice are trapped in the Cancer Vortex with little chance of being cured. Natural therapies are available and the book highlights some of the most effective. One must realize that cancer is not some foreign invader but a part of our biological process that has run amuck. It can be cured with proper knowledge and self discipline. Dr Otto Warburg recommends a solution and makes a startling revelation: "The prevention of cancer requires no government help and no extra money."

The eBook is currently available at Amazon with a paperback version expected in two months. See cancervortex.com for a synopsis, updates and Dr David Belk videos on the "True Cost of Healthcare".

Kenneth Anton is also the author of "Popsicle Man - Solving the Puzzle of a 200 Year Conspiracy" available at Amazon and thru Ingram worldwide distribution. See Popsicle Man


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